The Rhode Island Interscholastic League will supervise and administer the Freshman athletic programs, contests, schedules and matters relating thereto in the following sports: Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Football and Wrestling.


  1. Each school that participates in the Grade 9 athletic league must have on file in the RIIL Office an Assumption of Risk form for every Grade 9 student who participates.
  1. Each participant’s name must be listed on a grade 9 Eligibility List.
  2. Participants cannot be sixteen (16) years of age prior to September 1st.

(Note: Wrestling has a sport specific exception)

  1. If a student-athlete’s name appears on the Freshman Eligibility List for Baseball, Basketball or Football and s/he plays in a junior varsity or varsity contest, then that athlete cannot return to the Freshman program. Said student-athlete’s name should be removed from the Freshman Eligibility List and placed on either the junior varsity or varsity sport’s Eligibility List.
  2. If a student-athlete remains on the grade 9 team for the season, s/he may become eligible for the junior varsity or varsity team at the conclusion of the grade 9 season.
  3. Participants are subject to all other Rules and Regulations of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League.

Section 2. SPORT RULES

  1. All Freshman contests under the jurisdiction of the RIIL shall be played according to the National Federation of State High School Association Rules, except for any special rulings made by the Sports Committees with the approval of the Principals’ Committee on Athletics.
  2. Exceptions to the rules, if any, will be listed under the specific sport and any changes will be sent to the schools.

Section 3. OFFICIALS

  1. Each school will be responsible for assigning referees/officials for all of their home games.
  2. Officials for all RIIL Freshman championships will be assigned by the RIIL.

Section 4. PLAYOFFS

The RIIL Sport(s) Director(s) with Committee approval will determine the site and format of all Freshman championships.