Section 1. RULES

All contests under the jurisdiction of the Committee shall be played according to the National Federation of State High School Association Basketball Rules.


  1. The Committee feels that if the physical welfare of the student-athletes participating in basketball is to receive due consideration, athletes must not be allowed to participate in a junior varsity and varsity game on the same date for a longer period of time than will constitute six (6) quarters per game day. Entering any quarter of a game constitutes a full quarter.
    1. It is the responsibility of the varsity coach to see that this rule is observed or suffer the possible forfeiture of the game.
  2. A visible 35-second shot clock for boys and girls shall be utilized for all RIIL contests.
  3. Rules

The number of adults (certified coaches and scorers) sitting on the bench at all games is limited to a maximum of four (4). Athletic trainer(s) and student scorers are allowed to sit on the bench.

       D. The home school should provide the services of a licensed doctor and/or a licensed trainer at all basketball games. The medical personnel should introduce himself/herself to both coaches and              referees prior to the start of the game.



  1. No basketball game(s) shall be scheduled prior to the Injury Fund contest. 
  2. The official starting time for varsity basketball games shall be 7:00 PM for boys and girls games, except by mutual agreement of the opposing school’s principals.
  3. The home team must make the playing surface available at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the varsity game, at the risk of forfeiture of the game.
  4. Games played during the regular season may not start earlier than 3:30 PM, except by mutual agreement of the opposing schools’ principals.
  5. No scrimmages are allowed until the sixth (6th) day of practice. Student-athletes must practice a minimum of five (5) days

Section 3. OFFICIALS

RIIL assigned official’s authority extends to pre and post-game oversight. Fighting and unsportsmanlike penalties will be within the authority of the officials at all times at the contest site. It shall be the responsibility of the officials to see that benches are cleared of everyone except coaches, assistant coaches, managers, scorers, players and authorized medical personnel.

  1. The Principal of the home school and/or his/her designee shall be the game supervisor. The supervisor shall not be a student or a coach involved with the game. The supervisor shall identify himself or herself to the game officials(s) thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the game. The supervisor shall be responsible for game administration. Police protection shall be provided when necessary.
  2. Prior to the start of each game, the Sportsmanship Card shall be read to all coaches and team members at the foul line closest to each team’s bench.

Section 4. PLAYOFFS

The Championship playoffs will be conducted by the RIIL under the direction of Director of Basketball approved by the Principals Committee on Athletics.