Section 1. RULES

All Gymnastics meets of the RIIL shall be conducted according to the National Federation of State High School Association Girls Gymnastics Rules, except for any special rules adopted by the Committee.


  1. The Director of Gymnastics shall have the authority to make such decisions as deemed necessary to complete the RIIL and State meets.


  1. No competitor shall go first in more than one event. Coaches are responsible for their teams and should make certain that the teams in their charge manifest good sportsmanship at all times. The coach shall know all routines and provide spotting for all gymnasts by school personnel or team members whenever necessary.


  1. Game Score Reports: In accordance with Article 6, Section 14, all contest scores are to be reported on-line on the RIIL Website. Coaches obtain access to the system through their Athletic Director.


  1. Schools with individual competitors --fees will be determined by the RIIL.


  1. Conduct of Home Meets:
  1. The home school will provide a competition site that is clean and appropriately set-up.
  1. The head table should be staffed by reliable and knowledgeable personnel
  2. The meet will open with the announcement of participating teams, playing of the National Anthem, and introduction of officials.
  3. At the conclusion of the meet, all paperwork completed at the head table will be made available for officials to examine and sign.





The Director of Gymnastics will make up the schedules and the order of meets. No school may make any change to the schedule. See Article 1, Section 17 (Home Confirmation Schedule).


  1. Schools will be placed in a designated division for dual or triangular meet competition. Schools must meet with every other team in their division.


  1. RIIL meets will consist of the following events: Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Vaulting, Balance Beam and All‑Around.


  1. Team scoring of all RIIL meets will be scored by adding the four (4) highest optional performance scores for each school in each event. A team must enter and compete with a minimum of six (6) gymnasts in each meet to be eligible for a team score.




The postponement rules contained in Article 4, unless otherwise stated, will govern all postponed gymnastic matches.


  1. Emergency weather postponements may be made by the home school prior to 12 noon on the day of the meet without penalty.


Section 4. OFFICIALS

RIIL assigned official’s authority extends to pre and post-game oversight. Fighting and unsportsmanlike penalties will be within the authority of the officials at all times at the contest site.


  1. The home school is responsible for paying the judges the established fee.


  1. Judges should arrive at least twenty (20) minutes before the start of the meet and will be assigned by the RIIL.


  1. Judges shall sign the report sheet and qualifying sheets, if any, before leaving the meet to enable the Director to maintain a statewide record of all meets.


  1. Because some schools do not have regular home and away game(s) schedules and/or use clubs for team meets and/or do not have home facilities, an equitable method for paying gymnastic judges has been adopted by the Committee.
  1. All schools will use a voucher form for paying gymnastic judge’s fees.
  2. The Director of Gymnastics will send a payment schedule to all schools before the start of the season.
  3. Judges and coaches shall have payment vouchers that are to be signed by judges for verification and submitted to the school for payment.
  4. Judges who are paid by the RIIL will send the vouchers to the League Office for payment.


Section 5. PLAYOFFS

The Championship Playoffs will be conducted under the direction of the Director of Gymnastics in a format determined by the Director of Gymnastics, approved by the Committee and published with the RIIL Gymnastics Schedule.


  1. Qualifications for entry into the Midge Palmer Individual Championship and Team Championship Meets shall be published in the pre‑season rules information.


  1. Optional routines shall be performed in the Midge Palmer Individual Championship. Entry shall be achieved by performance scores (qualifying scores) during the season. The Director of Gymnastics shall designate the Meet Director.


  1. The Director of Gymnastics shall designate the Meet Director for the State Team Championship. Optional routines shall be performed. In order for a school to qualify for the team championship, it must enter, and compete with a minimum of six (6) gymnasts.


  1. State Tournament and Individual Requirement:

1. Only the top three (3) teams will qualify to the state meet

2. The All-Around qualifying score was raised to 32.5

3. Event qualifying scores:

a. Vault 8.4

b. Bars 7.8

c. Beam 8.2

d. Floor 8.2