It's game time.

Season Zero starts October 30, 2018. Get your school ready to compete in the first official high school League of Legends state championship.
  • The regular season runs from October 30th - December 11th. Matches will be played weekly on Tuesdays at 4pm and 6pm, for a total of 12 matches throughout the regular season.

  • Playoffs will take place from January 8th - January 29th. Each state will be divided into four regional conferences and compete in a single elimination bracket. The conference champions will then advance to the semi-finals, with the top two teams competing for the state title, all at a live State Championship event — exact date and location TBA.

  • No more than 128 teams will make the playoffs.

  • Competition schedules will be released in October.

  • Each school is required to have an esports coach who is onsite for all matches.

  • Each League of Legends team consists of five students. Each school is able to build as many teams of five as they’d like.

  • Each student needs the following: one computer/laptop and one set of peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset). Students can use their own, or schools could provide these. Jerseys are optional.

  • The participation fee for each student is $64/season. These can be paid by the students, parents or by the schools. 

  • Official competition rules and gameplay settings to come.

League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with the world’s largest gaming community. The game requires critical thinking and teamwork, where each player on a team of five must support one another to succeed.

Additional game titles will be added for our inaugural season starting in February.