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It's game time! Season One is underway!


Schools and students alike have already seen the tremendous benefits of participating in esports during Season Zero:

“Esports is knocking down barriers and setting high standards for inclusion.”
- Samuel Schachter, Coach, Barrington High School

     To start an esports program at your school, visit PlayVS.com to create an account. You’ll be able to invite an esports coach and students to join. Once the season begins, students just login to PlayVS on campus to play.



  • The regular season will run from February 25th - April 22nd.
  • Matches will be played at 4 p.m. on the following days for each league:

Tuesdays: League of Legends - Two consecutive games against a single opponent
Wednesdays: SMITE - Two consecutive games against a single opponent (Not offered in R.I. this season due to insufficient interest)
Thursdays: Rocket League - Best-of-five match against a single opponent

  • Each school is required to have an esports coach who is onsite for all matches.
  • Each League of Legends and SMITE team consists of 5 starting players. Rocket League teams consists of 3 starting players. Each school is able to build as many teams as they’d like across every game title.
  • Each student needs the following: one computer/laptop and one set of peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset). Students can use their own, or schools could provide. Jerseys are optional.
  • The participation fee for each student is $64/season, which can be paid by students, sponsors, or directly covered by the school.


With the PlayVS online portal, getting your school started takes less than 20 minutes! Learn more and get started below.