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Item Date
Seasonal Meeting Information
Coaches Interpretation Meeting presentation - Fall 2023 08/10/23
Coaches Interpretation Meeting Recording (YouTube) - Fall 2023  
Athletic Directors Preseason Meeting Presentation - Fall 2023 08/17/23
Principals' Breakfast Meeting Presentation - Fall 2023 10/06/23
Coaches Interpretation Meeting presentation - Winter 2023-24 11/16/23
Athletic Directors Preseason Meeting Presentation - Winter 2023-24 TBD
Coaches Interpretation Meeting presentation - Spring 2024 TBD
Athletic Directors Preseason Meeting Presentation - Spring 2024 TBD
Coaches Certification & Registration Information
RIIL Coaches Registration Website  
RIIL Article 13 Coaches Certification Requirements  
NFHS Learning Center Website
          -Coaches Education Courses
American Red Cross (ARC) CPR/First Aid Course  
American Heart Association (AHA) CPR/First Aid Course  
American Red Cross CPR & First Aid Reference  
RI General Laws Governing Athletics & Coaching
RIGL 16-21.24 Safety of Students - Emergency Action Plans  
RIGL 16-11.1   Athletic Coaches  
RIGL 16-2-18.1 BCI Requirement for all Athletic Coaches  
RIGL 16-21-33.1 Requirement for Accessible AEDs in all RI High Schools  
RIGL 16-91.1  The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act  
RIGL 16-21.4  Performance-Enhancing Dietary Supplements & HS Athletes  
RIGL 16-91  School and Youth Programs Concussion Act  
State of RI Mandatory Reporting Laws Presentation 03/14/18
Legal Duties of a Coach related to Negligence  
Health & Safety Resources
(please also see the Sports Medicine tab)
Emergency Action Planning
RIGL 16-21.24 Safety of Students - Emergency Action Plans  
NATA Position Statement: Emergency Planning in Athletics  
Anyone Can Save a Life Emergency Action Planning Program   
Korey Stringer Institute Emergency Action Plan Guidance & Templates  
Sample Emergency Action Plan  
Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussions
RIIL Sudden Cardiac Arrest Guidance 01/01/18
RIIL Sudden Cardiac 2016 Presentation  
NFHS Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion in Sports 06/01/19
Heat Acclimatization
RIIL Heat Acclimatization Guidance  
NFHS Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention Position Statement 04/01/22
NFHS Position Statement and Recommendations for Maintaining Hydration to Optimize Performance and Minimize the Risk for Exertional Heat Illness 04/01/22
Lightning Guidance
NFHS SMAC Guidelines on Handling Practices and Contests During Lightning or Thunder Disturbances – (January 2021)  
NFHS HS Today Article (May 2021) – “Schools Should Establish Proactive Lightning Policy”  
NFHS High School Today Article (April 2018) – “Guidelines for Developing Lightning Safety Policies”  
NATA Position Statement (April 2013) – “Lightning Safety for Athletics and Recreation”  
Mosquito Guidance  
RIDOH/RIDEM communication to schools regarding state's EEE response 09/07/23
RIDOH/RIDEM communication to schools regarding state's EEE response 09/12/23
Visit health.ri.gov/mosquito for additional mosquito prevention tips, videos, and local data.
RIIL Article 12 on Sportsmanship  
RIIL Sportsmanship Guidelines  
RIIL Sportsmanship for Coaches and Athletes  
RIIL 2019 Sportsmanship Presentation 08/01/19
RIIL 2022 Sportsmanship Public Address Announcements 09/09/22
RIIL Crowd Control Planning  
RIIL Sportsmanship Expectations for Spectators  10/04/22
RIIL Guidelines
Sub-Varsity Postseason Guidelines 07/01/17
Realignment Timeline & Procedures 08/29/22
Guide for Determining Athletic Eligibility for Students 11/21/22
Alternative Member School - Athlete Participation Form 11/15/22
  • RIIL Rules & Regulations: Article 1, Section 2, C - Athletes in your district should have a pre-participation athletic physical within your school district state guidelines
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RIIL outreach & awareness program focused on informing Rhode Islanders of Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Safety, Appearance & Performance Enhancing Substances, hGh usage and energy drink consumption.
Coaches Education through NFHS Learning Center
Heat Illness Prevention Course (free)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course (free)
Protecting Students from Abuse (free)
The Collapsed Athlete Course (free) 
Concussion in Sports Course (free)