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Rhode Island Interscholastic League
875 Centerville Road •  Building 3, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
Ph:  401-272-9844  •  Fax: 401-272-9838   •   Email:  info@riil.org  •   Website: www.riil.org

Michael P. Lunney, RIIL Executive Director
Thomas H. Marcello, RIIL Assistant Director

Susana Borges, Administrative Assistant - susana.borges@riil.org
Fall: Field Hockey, Football, G Volleyball & Game Day
Winter: B/G Hockey, B Basketball, B/G Swim & Cheer Champs
Spring: B Volleyball, Baseball, B/G Lacrosse 
AD Workshops, Foreign Exchange, Sanctions, Student Athlete of the Month, PCOA Meetings, Finance Meetings

Julie Mancini, Administrative Assistant - julie.mancini@riil.org
Fall: G Tennis, B/G Soccer, B/G Cross Country, Unified Volleyball
Winter: G Basketball, B/G Indoor Track, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Freshman Basketball
Spring: Fastpitch Softball, B/G Outdoor Track, B/G Golf, B Tennis, Unified Basketball
Assumption of Risk, Interpretation Meetings, Transfer Affidavits, Unified Sports, Waiver Hearings, NE Student Leadership Conference

Donna Kane, Director of Finance                             Donna.Kane@riil.org
Carolyn Thornton, Director of Multimedia Content  Carolyn.Thornton@riil.org 
Steve Silva, GM - Corporate Partnerships               Steve.Silva@riil.org