Section 1. GAME Cancelations

  1. No games may be canceled except with the approval of the Chair/Director of Sport; see Article 6, Section 10.


  1. Where unusual circumstances prevail or where weather conditions are unfavorable, a game may be postponed by mutual consent of the Principals, or authorized agents, of the schools involved. Postponed games will be rescheduled to the next available weekday/night including school vacations.
  2. The Executive Director of this Committee or the Director of the Sport involved is empowered to exercise the right to postpone a game in the event of failure of the Principals to agree on the matter. If at game time conditions for playing are, in the judgment of the head official, too hazardous for playing, s/he may at his/her discretion postpone the game even though there be no mutual agreement.
  3. All playoff games, regular season RIIL hockey games, and winter track meets can only be postponed by the Director of the Sport involved. If an individual school believes that safety considerations require that the game or meet not be played; the school has the right to refuse to play. However, the game or meet will be forfeited to the scheduled opponent and the expenses incurred by the RIIL as a result of the canceled game or meet will be assessed to the school canceling the contest.


  1. In case both teams mutually agree on a change in date for a scheduled game for reasons other than those in Section 1; permission for such a change must be obtained from the Chair, the Committee or the Director of the Sport. The request for such a change in date must be made in writing to the Director of the Sport. See Article 1, Section 17 (Home Confirmation Schedules). Coaches are not permitted to make any changes in contest date/times/sites with other coaches, officials and or assignors.
    1. Note: No RIIL League contest (league or non-league) will be scheduled to begin before 12 noon on Sunday.

Section 4. OPEN DATES

  1. Postponement of RIIL games must have precedence on open dates of the RIIL schedules and games with outside schools arranged for these dates must be on a tentative basis. A RIIL team fulfilling a contract with an outside opponent to the detriment of its RIIL opponent must forfeit the game to the latter, unless by mutual agreement another date is arranged. All postponed games will be played on the next available weekday/night, including school vacations.


  1. Games in sports to which the Committee does not assign officials may also be postponed because of weather conditions. Such games MUST be rescheduled to a definite day, the permission of the Director of Sport obtained, and the RIIL office notified.
  2. Postponement for any reason other than weather requires the consent of the schools involved and the permission of the Director of the Sport.


  1. Any game interrupted by factors other than weather and unable to be completed on the date the game or contest began will be treated as a suspended game or contest and resumed from the point of interruption. The team that is behind in the score will have the option of requesting that the suspended game be regarded as final, in which case the score of the game or contest at the time of the interruption will go into the records as the final score.
    1. Note: This rule would be applied if there is no NFHS sport rule pertaining to game interruption.