Article 8: APPEALS

Section 1. PROCEDURE

  1. The normal channel of communication with the Committee is to the Executive Director who may decide in the first instance on all matters. However, the Executive Director may refer any matter to the proper committee for a decision.
  2. Any ruling of the Executive Director may be appealed to the proper Committee. If no specific Committee exists, the appeal will be to the Executive Committee of the sport involved.
  3. Appeals from the Committee or Executive Committee shall be to the full membership of the Committee whose decision shall be final.


  1. All correspondence shall be sent care of the Executive Director. All appeals and requests shall be in writing. All appeals shall have a certification confirming that a copy has been sent to all parties in interest.

Section 3. PROTESTS

  1. In the case of game protests the procedure outlined in Article 5 shall be the procedure followed.


  1. The procedure outlined speaks to and violations of the bylaws of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League.
  2. Matters dealing with individual sports, i.e. protests, schedule concerns, league alignments, official’s complaints, etc. will be handled by the Executive Committee of the sport (Article 8, Sections 1 and 5). The committee(s) will be chaired by the Director/designee of the sport.
  3. Student eligibility matters (See Article a Section 16).


  1. Individuals may appeal any decision involving them alone through their Principal to the proper body outlined above provided the appeal is not made based upon a judgment call of an official. No appeals of ejections of athletes or coaches by game officials will be allowed.


  1. Appeals must be received at each level within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Section 7. DECISIONS

  1. Initial Decisions regarding appeals are effective upon delivery (orally or by fax or by other means) to the school Principal. The school Principal shall deliver a copy to the student(s), parents or personnel involved. For Decisions involving others, the Decision shall be effective upon posting to the U.S. mail.
  2. Written notice of the appeal application shall be given to all parties. Decisions are not automatically stayed pending appeal. After a written notice of appeal is filed, a written request for a stay may be made. Any application for a stay of enforcement must ordinarily be made in the first instance to the Executive Director, Sub-Committee or Executive Committee making the ruling. The request shall show the reasons for the relief requested and the facts relied upon.
  3. In extraordinary circumstances, the Executive Director may, in his exclusive discretion, decide on the request for a stay rather than refer the matter to the Sub-Committee or Executive Committee involved.