Section 1.  RULES

All matches under the jurisdiction of the RIIL will be played according to the United States Golf Association rules as amended by the local club rules, except for any special rulings made by the Principals’ Committee on Athletics.  Lack of knowledge of the rules of play will not be acceptable for any violation of same.


  1. No players, parents, or spectators will be allowed to coach or give advice to any players while they are competing during regular season matches or the state tournament.  Players, parents and spectators must maintain a distance of at least 25 yards from all players.


  1. Only one (1) certified coach per school will be allowed to coach during a match.   At the State Championship tournament, a badge/credential will be distributed to the designated coach from each school.  Failure to abide by this rule may result in disqualification.


  1. Coaches will be responsible for maintaining the constant play of their respective teams which will not cause a slow down in overall play.


  1. Caddies, caddie carts, or other vehicles for riding by the contestants may not be used in RIIL golf matches.  Exceptions due to physicals handicaps will be allowed.  Requests for exceptions, accompanied by supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Director of Golf.


  1. Contestants are permitted to use pull/push carts in any match, including the state championships, provided they are allowed for use by the host golf course


  1. All participants must abide by the dress code as established by the golf course on which the match is being held. 


  1. Betting by participants is strictly prohibited.  Participants who violate this rule will be disqualified.


  1. Misconduct and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, and violators will be disqualified.  This specifically refers to improper language, improper behavior and unnecessary damage to the golf course, golf course equipment, property, etc. 


  1. All males will play from the middle or white tees.  Females will have an option to play from either the white (middle) or red (forward) tees.  Females choosing red (forward) tees will not be eligible to win the individual state championship.  Each coach must submit a list of female players to the Director of Golf prior to the first league match and indicate which tee marker they will use. The player must play from the designated tee marker submitted for the entire season.


  1. Electronic devices: Players may use a device to measure distance only.  Use of a device to gauge or measure other conditions or use of cell phones, for this or any other purpose, is not permitted.  Ear buds/headphones or playing music are not permitted during play.  Penalty is disqualification.
  1. Any golfer who fails to finish a round and voluntarily walks off will be assessed a penalty for each hole that they do not complete.  The individual will be assessed double par for each hole not completed and will be suspended from the next league match.




The RIIL will make up the schedules and order of matches.  Schools may make changes depending on the availability of courses.  Each team will consist of four (4) to six (6) golfers who will be ranked No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No.4, No. 5, and No.6, respectively.


  1. Each match will consist of single matches which will be played concurrently as single twosomes, single threesomes or single foursomes at the discretion of the home team.


  1. The four (4) lowest scores for each team will determine the team score.  The team with the lowest score (strokes) will be declared the winner of the match.


  1. Coaches must exchange lineups prior to the start of the match. Once a coach receives his/her opponent’s lineup, he/she may not make any changes once the match has begun It is recommended that golfers be paired by ability for competitive purposes.
  2. Responsibility for finding a course rests with the home team.  As soon as arrangements for course have been complete, the home school should notify the visiting team. Matches should start by 3:30 PM.  It is imperative, especially prior to daylight saving time, that this time requirement be adhered to.  By mutual agreement of the opposing school’s Principals, matches may be scheduled earlier.


  1. All protests must be made before leaving the ninth/eighteenth green(s) and presented to the RIIL office in the usual form within the regulation time.





The Postponement rules contained in Article 4, unless otherwise stated, shall govern all postponed golf matches.

  1. In the event of inclement weather or a shortage of daylight, the schools may, by mutual agreement, postpone and reschedule the match.
  2. In case of postponements, the match will be played on the next available date that is satisfactory to both teams.

If coaches consider that for any reason during a match the course is rendered unplayable, or that there are circumstances that render the proper playing of the match impossible, they may order a temporary suspension of play.

  1. Where players/coaches feel they may be in imminent danger due to lightning, they have the right to stop play. However, the final decision to suspend play rests with the coaches.
  1. When play has been temporarily suspended, the match will be resumed from where it was halted, even if resumption occurs on a subsequent day.


Section 4.  OFFICIALS


In the absence of the Director of Golf or an RIIL appointed supervisor, the coaches of the respective teams will act as the officials of all RIIL golf matches and will supervise said matches in accordance with these rules.


  1. The responsibility of reporting scores rests with the home team coach. Scores must be reported to the RIIL approved website at the conclusion of each match.
  2. Following the match, the coach of the home team will report match results by taking a photo of the scoresheet and texting it to their respective Division Scoring Manager.


Section 5.  PLAYOFFS


The Championship Playoffs will be conducted under the direction of the Director of Golf using a format determined by the RIIL and approved by the Principals’cc Committee on Athletics.


  1. The first and second place teams, based on won/loss record, in each division will automatically qualify for the state tournament.
  2. At the end of the regular season competition, all ties in the standings will be resolved as follows:
  1. Results (W/L) of head-to-head competition between the teams that are tied
  2. Cumulative team scores, relative to par, from regular season matches of head-to-head competition between the teams.
  3. Average team score, relative to par for all regular season matches
  1. The third, fourth, and fifth place teams in each division participate in a nine-hole playoff match to determine which of those teams will qualify for the state tournament. The playoff match will be scheduled at the home course of the third seeded team. Those playoff matches must be completed by the Wednesday prior to the State Championship. In the event, that the matches are not completed by Wednesday, the third seeded team will automatically advance to the State Tournament. Schools are encouraged to secure their home course for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of the playoff week, prior to the season, to be prepared for a potential playoff match. If two teams tie for first in the playoff match, both teams will advance to the State Championship Tournament. If all three teams tie, the tie will be broken by going to the scores of the 5th players from each team, then the 6th players.


  1. Each team will bring six (6) players (top four scores count) to the playoff matches




The State Championship Tournament will be conducted under the direction of the Director of Golf using a format determined by the RIIL and approved by the Principals’ Committee on Athletics.  The course for the State Championship Tournament will be selected by the RIIL.


  1. The Team State Champion will be crowned over a two-day tournament format. Day 1 of the State Team Championship will consist of all qualified teams. Each team will consist of six (6) players. The four lowest scores for each team will determine the Day 1 team score. The top three (3) teams and ties, and any team within 20 strokes of the lead will qualify for Day 2 of the State Team Championship.
      1. In the event of a tie at the conclusion of 36 holes, a sudden-death playoff will be conducted by the Director of Golf or his/her designee to determine the State Team Champion.
  2. Qualification for the State Individual Championship will be based upon the following:

Any golfer participating from the Championship Tee is eligible to win the Individual State Championship.  This includes:


        1. Any golfer competing for a qualified team (regardless of # of regular season matches played) and
        2. Any individual golfer, whose school has not otherwise qualified, ranked in the top 50 plus ties on the RIIL Statewide Stroke Average system, provided the golfer has returned a minimum of 5 regular season match scores.
        3. If, 4 golfers from the same school, individually qualify based on the above subsection ii, the school will qualify for the State Team Championship and will be allowed to bring a complete team of 6 golfers


  1. Upon completion of eighteen (18) holes of play, those individuals with the low twenty (20) scores and ties and all individuals within 10 strokes of the lowest score will qualify for round 2.


  1. The individual with the lowest total for two rounds (36 holes) will be declared the State Individual Champion.


  1. In the event of a tie at the end of 36 holes, a sudden-death playoff will be conducted by the Director of Golf or his/her designee to determine the State Individual Champion.
  1. Once a course of play has been selected and announced by the Director of Golf for the State Tournament and the course superintendent or manager has stated the course is closed and ready for playing the Tournament, no person or team competing may practice on that course.
  2. PENALTY: Any team or individual player who violates this rule will be disqualified by the Director of Golf from participating in the State tournament.


Revised 3/30/22