Section 1. RULES

All Fast Pitch Softball games of the RIIL shall be played according to the National Federation of State High School Association Fast Pitch Softball Rules, except for any special rules adopted by the Committee.


  1. The Director of Fast Pitch Softball shall have the authority, with approval of the Committee, to establish as many divisions as are judged necessary.
  2. The home school will be responsible for the condition of the field. The bases, baselines, foul lines, home plate, and pitcher’s mound will be prepared according to the official rules. The pitcher’s mound will be forty three feet (43 ft.).
  3. The home team must provide proper scoring equipment and personnel.


The Director of Fast Pitch Softball shall make up the schedules and order of games. No school may make any change to the schedule. See Article 1, Section 17 (Home Confirmation Schedule).


  1. Games played during the regular season may not start earlier than 3:30 P.M. except by mutual agreement of the opposing school’s Principals.
  2. A game may be terminated at the end of five (5) innings (4 1/2 innings for the home team) when either team is ahead by 10 runs. This rule applies during the regular season and playoffs.
  3. During the playoffs, a game which is suspended will be resumed from the point where the game was terminated to the completion of the game.
  4. All coaches are required to submit game results immediately following the scheduled game.


The postponement rules contained in Article 4, unless otherwise stated, shall govern all postponed Fast Pitch Softball games.


  1. Fast pitch softball games postponed because of weather conditions shall be played, weather and ground conditions permitting, on the following school day, or the next fair weather school day. All regular season games supersede non-league games schedules.


  1. If a game is postponed for any reason other than inclement weather, it must be rescheduled, as soon as possible, to a definite date by mutual agreement of the schools and with the consent of the Director of Fast Pitch Softball. If a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the representatives of the schools involved must meet with the Director of Fast Pitch Softball to reschedule the contest(s). Teams are encouraged to play on weekends whenever possible.
  2. It is the responsibility of the home school to notify the officials about the postponement of games.
  3. Where unusual circumstances prevail or where conditions are unfavorable, a game may be postponed by mutual consent of the opposing school’s Principals or their authorized agent(s).



Section 4. OFFICIALS

RIIL assigned official’s authority extends to pre and post-game oversight. Fighting and unsportsmanlike penalties will be within the authority of the officials at all times at the contest site.


  1. Softball umpires shall have supervision of the playing field from 15 minutes before the game until it is finished.

Section 5. PLAYOFFS

The Championship Playoffs will be conducted under the direction of the Director of Fast Pitch Softball in a format determined by the Director of Fast Pitch Softball, approved by the Committee, and published with the RIIL Fast Pitch Softball Schedule.


  1. Playoff teams using tactics designed to delay or hasten the game shall forfeit the game.
  2. Tournament games to determine the State Championship or to resolve ties to enter the State Tournament must be seven (7) inning games. Games interrupted by rain or other causes will be resumed from the point of interruption to the completion of the seven (7) innings.