Section 1. RULES

All Volleyball matches of the RIIL shall be played according to the National Federation of State High School Association Volleyball Rules, except for any special rules adopted by the Committee.


  1. Any team not ready to start play at the scheduled time will forfeit the game.


  1. The home school shall make the playing area available at least thirty [30] minutes prior to the start of the game.


  1. The home school is responsible for conditions involving spectators and shall always have present an authorized representative to assume this responsibility. When necessary, police protection shall be obtained.


  1. The home school must make every effort to insure that the players, officials and spectators are protected.


  1. All coaches are required to submit an approved RIIL Volleyball game report.



The Director of Volleyball shall make up the schedules and the order of the games with the Committee’s approval. No school may make any change to the schedule without the approval of the Director of Volleyball and the League. See Article 1, Section 17 (Home Confirmation Schedule).


  1. Every team will play a home and away match (the best of five (5) games) with each team in its division.



The postponement rules contained in Article 4, unless otherwise stated, shall govern all postponed Volleyball matches.


Section 4. OFFICIALS

RIIL assigned official’s authority extends to pre and post-game oversight. Fighting and unsportsmanlike penalties will be within the authority of the officials at all times at the contest site. It shall be the responsibility of the officials to see that benches are cleared of everyone except coaches, assistant coaches, managers, scorers, players, school physician, and a representative of the press.


  1. Officials will be assigned through the Rhode Island Interscholastic League Office. Each team will provide a linesman and scorer.


Section 5. PLAYOFFS

The Championship Playoffs will be conducted under the direction of the Director of Volleyball using a format determined by the Director of Volleyball, approved by the Committee, and published with the RIIL Volleyball Schedule.

Tie Breaking Formula:


Ties will be broken using the following comparatives sequentially until one team gains an

advantage. If a tie exists between three or more teams those teams will be considered a

mini-conference and compared against each other until one team gains an advantage. If any

step in the tie breaking procedure reduces the tie to two teams those teams revert to step 1

and start over. Once a team has been awarded the next available seed the remaining teams will

revert to step 1 and start over.




1. Head to head matches


2. Head to head sets won


3. Head to head point differential


4. Total sets won for entire season


5. Total sets lost for the entire season


6. Total point differential for the entire season


7. Coin Flip








Revised 10//30/17