Section 1. RULES

All contests under the jurisdiction of the RIIL shall be played according to the official National Federation of State High School Association Wrestling Rules, except for any special rulings adopted by the Committee.

  1. Certified weight classifications for wrestling competition are determined by the level of participation at the opening RIIL meet. This level of participation must be maintained throughout one season, with one exception: A wrestler may participate in ONE WEIGHT CLASS GREATER than his weigh-in weight classes.
  1. All student-athletes from wrestling schools are required to determine a competitive weight for each of their varsity, junior varsity and freshman wresters based on body fat percentage, i.e. Minimum 7% body fat (Rule 1-3-1) for boys and 12% for females (Rule 1-3-1).
  2. The minimum wrestling weight will be determined by a skin fold body fat check and hydration.
  3. The Rhode Island Interscholastic League Wrestling Weight Management Program is listed in the Member’s Only and must be strictly enforced.
  1. Competition shall be in the following weight classes: 106 lbs.; 113 lbs.; 120 lb.; 126 lbs.; 132 lbs.; 138 lbs.; 145 lbs.; 152 lbs.; 160 lbs.; 170 lbs.; 182 lbs.; 195lbs.; 220 lbs. and 285 lbs.
  2. During the Rhode Island Interscholastic League Dual Meet season, wrestler’s weights are to be recorded on the official weight certification form at the time of weigh-in. The Wrestling Weight Certification Form is to be forwarded to the Coaches’ Association prior to January 15th. Recertification after that date to a lower weight class is prohibited.
  3. Athletes joining the team at a later date must be certified prior to their first RIIL meet without any weight allowance and forwarded to the Director.


The Director of Wrestling shall make up the schedules and order of matches with Committee approval. No school may make any change in this schedule without the approval of the Director. See Article 1, Section 17 (Home Confirmation Schedule).

  1. Scoring – At the very least, a team must have a flip type scoreboard that must be kept in plain view of spectators, contestants, officials, and coaches.
  1. Schedule of Matches:
Member schools shall not schedule or compete for more than 20 days of competition with 30 minutes as the maximum amount of time that a student may compete on any given day, exclusive of the RIIL sponsored tournaments.
  1. A triangular meet is a competition involving three (3) teams. A quadrangular meet is a competition involving four (4) teams. In each case a team competes in a dual meet with the other team.
  2. A double dual, triangular or quadrangular meet or one individual tournament will count as one day of competition.


  1. Schedule of Tournaments: (multi-school event)
  1. Approval/sanction for a multi-school event must be obtained for any in-season tournament competition from the RIIL/Director of Wrestling. A two-day tournament will count as two (2) days of the twenty (20) days allowed for competition.
  2. A team tournament will count as one day of competition. In a team tournament, complete teams, not individuals, advance.
  3. Such a tournament must be held on a non-school day.
  4. The maximum number of tournaments a school can compete in is five (5) excluding RIIL scheduled tournaments.


  1. League Championships
  1. The team having the most points shall be considered League Champions. Two (2) points shall be awarded for each meet won and one (1) point for each tie.



The Postponement rules contained in Article 4, unless otherwise stated, shall govern all postponed wrestling matches.

Section 4. OFFICIALS

RIIL assigned official’s authority extends to pre and post-game oversight. Fighting and unsportsmanlike penalties will be within the authority of the officials at all times at the contest site.

  1. It is strongly recommended that each home school have an adult as head timer‑scorer for all home meets.

Section 5. PLAYOFFS

All tournaments are under the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League and will be conducted according to the official NFHS Wrestling Rules, except for any special rules adopted by the RI Interscholastic League’s Principal’s Committee on Athletics.

Tournament sites, times, scoring and qualifying wrestlers are under the jurisdiction of the RI Interscholastic League.

  1. The Division II Tournament
  1. The tournament will be held the weekend before the RI Interscholastic League’s State Tournament at a site determined by the RI Interscholastic League
  2. The top eight (8) wrestlers – nine (9) if there is an independent wrestler in the weight class, will be eligible to enter the Rhode Island State Tournament.
  3. The tournament will be wrestled to six (6) places. Seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) will be determined by seed.
  4. To be eligible for the State Championships a Division II wrestler must wrestle and qualify in the Division II Tournament.
  1. State Championship

The team scoring the most points in the tournament shall be declared the State Champions.