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Division III Brackets

Please Note: Information is subject to change.  Please refer to Fast Pitch Softball Brackets.
5/28 or 5/29/18 DI Preliminary Games  Home Sites  
5/30 or 5/31/18 DI Quarterfinals Winners Brkt  Home Sites  
6/1/18 DI Semifinals Winners Bracket Game  RI College 5pm & 7pm
5/31 or 6/1/18 DI 1st Round Games  (Losers Brkt)  Home Sites TBD
6/2 or  6/3/18 DI 2nd Round  Games  (Losers Brkt) Home Sites TBD
6/4/18 DI Finals - Winners Brkt  RI College 7pm
6/5/18 DI  3rd Round   (Losers Bracket) Home Sites TBD
6/6/18 DI Final  (Losers Bracket) RI College 7pm
6/8/18 DI Final  RI College 7pm
6/9/18 DI Final (IF Game) RI College 3pm
5/28 or 5/29/18 DII Preliminary Games  Home Sites  
5/30 or 5/31/18 DII Qtr. Finals-Winner Brkt  Home Sites  
5/31 or 6/1/18 DII 1st Round  (Losers Bracket)  Home Sites  
6/2/18 DII Semifinals Winner Brkt  RI College 2pm & 4pm
6/2 or 6/3/18 DII 2nd Round  (Losers Bracket) Home Sites  
6/4/18 DII Final Winners Bracket RI College 5pm
6/5/18 DII 3rd Round  (Losers Bracket) Home Sites TBD
6/6/18 DII  Final (Losers Bracket) RI College 5pm
6/8/18 DII  Final RI College 5pm
6/9/18 DII Final (IF Game) RI College 1pm
5/28 or 5/29/18 DIII Quarterfinal  Home Sites  
5/30 or 5/31/18 DIII Semifinal  Home Sites  
6/2/18 DIII Final  RI College 6pm
6/3/18 DIII Final  RI College 2pm
6/5/18 DIII Final (IF Game) RI College TBD