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Main Draw Results - Doubles
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Main Draw - Doubles
Main Draw - Singles

Please Note: Information is subject to change.
Please check with your school's coach to verify Dates / Times / Locations. 

5/4, 5/5, 5/6/18 Division I - Qualifier Tournament Prout, Curtis Corner MS, Broadrock MS, & Old Mt. Fri., 3pm, Sat., 2pm, Sun., 12noon
5/5/18 Division II - Qualifier Tournament Portsmouth Sat., 10am
5/4, 5/5, 5/6/18 Division III - Qualifier Tournament Slater Park & Wheeler Fri., 3pm, Sat., 2pm, Sun., 12noon
5/18, 5/19, 5/20/18 Main Draw (MD) Fri/Wheeler & Slater- Sat/Sun - Slater Park Fri., 3pm, Sat., 10am, Sun., 12noon
5/22/18 Division I, II and III Quarterfinals Home of Higher Seed Record Refer to Brackets
5/24/18 Division I Semifinals Slater Park 3pm & 5pm
5/24/18 Division II Semifinals Barrington HS 3pm & 5pm
5/24/18 Division III - Semifinals Lincoln HS 3pm & 5pm
5/26/18 Division III - Finals Slater Park 10am
5/26/18 Division II - Finals Slater Park Noon
5/26/18 Division I - Finals Slater Park 2pm
5/27/18 Main Draw Finals Slater Park 12noon