Section 1. RULES

All activities under the jurisdiction of the RIIL in this article shall be conducted under the National Federation of State High School Association Cross Country Rules, except for any special rules adopted by the Committee.


  1. All Eligibility Lists and Assumption of Risk forms must be received by the League Office prior to any competition.


  1. The Cross Country course shall be no longer than 3.1 Miles (5,000 Meters) with the minimum length being 2.7 Miles. Cross Country races may not be held on hard surfaces or on heavy vehicular traveled roads. This shall not include courses where the hard surface constitutes only a crossing on a designated course.


  1. Each team member shall wear a uniform as it complies with current Federation rules. Also, no runner shall compete barefoot.


  1. A high school entering a ninth grade team/individual(s) in the junior high league may not enter the same team/individual(s) in any senior high school freshman, junior varsity, or varsity competition during the same season.


  1. Disqualification from a meet will be an ejection. Disqualification from an event will not be considered an ejection. (Event shall be defined as the cross country race).




The Director of Cross Country shall make up the schedules and order of the meets. No school may make any changes to this schedule. See Article 1, Section 17 (Home Confirmation Schedule). The Director of Cross Country shall work with the Meet Directors, coaches and officials in executing the program.


  1. League schedules must end by the date stated unless added time is granted by the Principals’ Committee on Athletics because of extenuating circumstances. All non‑league meets must be sanctioned by the RIIL. No post season meets may take place.


  1. Triangular meets are to be scored as double dual meets with each team being scored separately against the other two teams. Each winning team will receive two (2) points (Max of four (4) points) towards the divisional standings. In the event of a tie, each team will receive one (1) point. (Ties will not be broken).


  1. Team scores will be based on the corrected placement of the first five (5) finishers from each school. Finishers six (6) and seven (7) will only hold place in scoring. A team with fewer than five (5) finishers will not be eligible for team points. In dual meets, each school will be allowed unlimited entries.


  1. The starting time for the League meets shall be 4:00 P.M., except by mutual agreement of the opposing school’s Principals. Failing to appear on time will result in forfeiture.


  1. Host schools are responsible for reporting results to the media. A complete copy of meet results must be submitted to the Director of Cross Country or his/her designee within three (3) days of the completion of all meets.



  1. Scheduled meets may be postponed because of weather or course conditions however, said meets must be scheduled to a definite day with the knowledge and permission of the Director of Cross Country. The RIIL Office must be notified by the host school. Postponement for any other reason requires the prior consent of all schools involved and the permission of the Director of Cross Country.


  1. In the event a school cancels or forfeits a meet, that school may be subject to penalties as outlined in Article 6, Section 10.


Section 4. OFFICIALS

  1. The Director of Cross Country shall make adequate provisions for supervision of the major meets.


  1. A Meet Director shall be appointed annually by the Committee.


  1. The Meet Director shall act as director of all major meets. S/he will work under the authority of the Director of Cross Country and will have authority to make any changes in the prescribed order of events or in other details in connection with the meets. S/he will notify a coach of any changes at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of a given meet unless in his/her judgment the changes must be made at the scene of the meet and immediately prior to its start.


  1. In championship meets, the referee shall be assigned by the RIIL. A jury of appeals will be appointed to review appeals of the referee’s decision(s). The jury of appeals will be appointed by the Director of Cross Country and the Meet Director(s). The jury of appeals will have the final decision on all technical decisions.




The championship meets will be conducted under the direction of the Director of Cross Country in a format determined by the Director of Cross Country, approved by the Committee, and published with the RIIL Cross Country schedule. The Director of Cross Country shall be further responsible for selecting and acquiring a suitable course for all major meets.


  1. Post position for all major meets will be drawn by lot by the Meet Director. In order to be eligible to compete in the major meets, a team/individual must have competed in League competition.


  1. Entries to the Class/State Meets will be due to the Meet Director at a time/place as designated by the Director of Cross Country. Final declarations will be due 30 minutes prior to the start of a race.


  1. In the Class Meets, schools will compete in the assigned class as determined by a school enrollment submitted to the RIIL. The Director of Cross Country shall insure that each class has approximately equal participation. The Committee reserves the right to adjust the classification formula, as it sees fit.


  1. The following are eligible to compete in the State Meet.
  1. Top 3 teams from each Division.
  2. Top team from each Class not included in number 1 above.
  3. Meet Director will merge all three class meet results into one result and the next three teams excluding teams previously qualifying through number 1 and 2 will qualify
  4. Fifteen (1) individuals based on times at the Class Meets


  1. A game committee composed of the Director of Cross Country and the Meet Directors shall rule on any petition to participate in the State Meet because of a failure of an individual/team to advance due to injury, illness or other extenuating circumstance (i.e. Death in family) at the Class Meet. Such an appeal must be made in writing no later than 30 minutes after the completion of the last varsity Class Race.
  2. Class/State Meet Scoring
  1. Teams of fewer than five (5) finishing runners as well as individuals will not be figured into the team scoring results. Any such individual who may win or tie for a medal shall receive the award. Such individuals shall be included in the overall meet results.
  2. Ties at the Class/State Meets will be broken only if the tie involves the team championship. In breaking a tie, current Federation Rules shall be employed. Teams tied at the Class Meet for a spot to advance to the State Meets shall result in both teams advancing.


  1. Schools entering teams in the Class Meets must field full teams (seven (7) runners) in the varsity Race before entering a team/individuals in the junior varsity Race.


  1. Team and individual awards for Cross Country will be determined by the RIIL.


  1. Qualifying Information for the New England Meet will be provided to coaches no later than the State Meet.