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National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)
Report for the July 2016 NFHS Summit on the Essentials for Enhancing Participation,
Reducing Injury Risk and Optimizing Performance

In July of 2016, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) hosted the NFHS Summit on the Essentials for Enhancing Participation, reducing Injury Risk and Optimizing Performance. The purpose of the meeting was to convene stakeholders from all facets of education-based activities and evaluate strategies to improve the activities participation experience and increase participation opportunities for our students. This involves looking at several broad range factors such as the role coaches, parents and administrators play in the overall development of the high school athlete. It also involves looking at factors such as single sport specialization, overuse injury prevention and many other factors which affect the overall participation experience for our students. As indicated in the following document, the focus of education-based activities is the DEVELOPMENT OF THE STUDENT, and everyone involved in the education experience plays an important role in this process. The following document summarizes the Essentials Initiative and begins providing strategies for all of us in improving the participation experiences for our students. This document is only the beginning of the Essentials Initiative. This initiative will evolve over time and continually produce more resources to be used in our different roles. We encourage all of you to share this information with all stakeholders in your school community.