In 2013-14, the RIIL Student Advisory Board was established to give student-athletes an opportunity to serve as liaisons between the RIIL and their schools, providing a voice for the 30,000 student-athletes who participate in high school sports each year in our state and to provide an invaluable resource to the League.


The RIIL Student Advisory Board met throughout the year to discuss interscholastic initiatives. The students became CPR certified and launched an Anyone-Can-Save-A-Life initiative that encourages sports teams to develop an Emergency Action Plan. They helped to coordinate a leadership training workshop for RIIL student-athletes at the Ryan Center and represented R.I. at both the N.E. Student Leadership Conference at Worcester State University and the National Student Leadership Summit in Indianapolis. The Student Advisory Board also oversaw the 5th annual Peanut Butter Express Challenge, a statewide collection effort that resulted in a donation of more than 1.7 tons of peanut butter to the R.I. Community Food Bank. Lincoln High School was recognized as the school contributing the most peanut butter with more than 13,750 pounds. East Greenwich, Bay View, Woonsocket, Johnston and Portsmouth also led impressive collection efforts. 

Peyton Cahill

Sophomore, Woonsocket High School

“As a member of the board, I would like to expand the presence of good sportsmanship between schools within the state. In doing so, this would hopefully promote an attitude of camaraderie, and diminish the viewing of one another as enemies.”

Matthew Campellone

Senior, La Salle Academy

“I want to make a difference at my school and give back to the community that gave so much to me.”

Madison Flaxington

Senior, Lincoln High School

“Over the summer I attended the student leadership conference at Worcester State University and we made a statewide plan to implement community service throughout out sports teams. I would like to see this through.”

Nicholas Gwaltney

Senior, The Prout School

“I never truly understood the value (of the RIIL Student Advisory Board) until I went to the New England Student Leadership Conference. It is one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It brought together students from all over New England, all with different backgrounds and life experiences. The camp activities and sessions created equality and instilled individual worth through giving. Through the many lessons learned and the many friends gained, this conference will forever be a significant experience in my life.”

David Iannuccilli

Junior, Johnston Senior High School

“I am interested in becoming a member of the RIIL Student Advisory Board because I want to develop my leadership skills and give back to my school and my community.”

Jill Lunney

Junior, Portsmouth High School

"I feel that being an RIIL Student Advisory Board member will give me a valuable opportunity to use my leadership skills to help make our schools and communities better through the initiatives we will create and promote."

Jack Pedro

Sophomore, Bishop Hendricken

I am interested in becoming a RIIL Student Advisory Board member because I would like to become more involved with RIIL and help to improve Rhode Island high school athletics.

Grace Pelletier

Junior, Bay View Academy

“I am interested in becoming a RIIL Advisory Board Member because my athletic experience has been such an important part of my high school ife that I would like to represent my high school, Bay View, and work together with other student athletes across the state in order to expand and enhance the student-athlete experience statewide.”

Nick Quarella

Senior, North Kingstown

“I would like to become a part of the Student Advisory Board in order to bring positive change and values to my school, community, and state . . . By leading by example, I feel that a member of the Student Advisory Board can change how people think, feel, and act around the state.”

Taylor Troiano

Senior, St. Raphael

“I am interested in becoming a member of the RIIL Student Advisory Board because I believe it will be a great experience. This will allow me to meet new people and demonstrate my leadership skills in a way that will help the community.”


RIIL Student Advisory Board members kick off school year learning CPR

Thank you to Battalion Chief David Iannuccilli of the Johnston Fire Department for certifying the Student Advisory Board in CPR.