November 21, 2019

It was the best turnout ever at the RIIL Leadership Training Workshop with nearly 200 student-athletes representing 33 high schools from around the state attending the conference at the Ryan Center. The student-athletes heard some valuable messages from featured speaker Omari Pearson, who reminded them that “A dream must be attached to a plan of action to prevent it from becoming a fantasy.” 
North Kingstown High School students Christian Dunlaevy and Guillermo Hernandez-Nieves produced these video highlights of the leadership workshop: https://youtu.be/piseOnfp1Ec 




RIIL Student Advisory Board members Jill Lunney (left) of Portsmouth High School and Grace Pelletier of St. Mary Academy—Bay View attended the National Student Leadership Summit, hosted by the National Federation of State High School Associations, July 22-24, 2019 in Indianapolis. The students were accompanied by RIIL Assistant Executive Director Mike Lunney.

“The second I walked in, I observed how diverse the area was; that was truly awesome to see! The most important things I learned were what a great team culture looks like, how to map your dreams and goals out on paper, and that stepping out of your comfort zone is   always a good thing!” - Jill Lunney, Portsmouth High School

“My entire experience at NSLS was amazing, and I’m thankful to be a member of the Student Advisory Board because it allowed me the opportunity to attend this summit where I stepped out of my comfort zone and met people from around the country and Canada too!! … My biggest takeaway was learning the values of inclusivity and empathy towards everyone I meet so I can be a stronger leader at Bay View.”  - Grace Pelletier, Bay View


Nearly two dozen RIIL student-athletes attended the ninth annual New England Student Leadership Conference, held July 16-19, 2019  at Worcester State University. The students listened to inspirational speakers and participated in workshops and community service projects over the course of the four-day overnight conference.

“My experience was amazing. The energy the facilitators showed along with the overall excitement everyone had really created a positive environment for everyone to thrive and learn in.” - Tyler Dusty, Lincoln High School

“The biggest takeaway for me was being able to learn about other athletes’ experiences from other states. I really liked learning from them, and (twin sister) Sophia and I have some new Ideas to bring back to Saint Rays!” - Katherine Bianchi, St. Raphael Academy



January 28, 2019

Student-athletes learn “Leadership is Influence” at RIIL Leadership Training Workshop: More than 100 student-athletes representing 26 high schools from across the state gained a better understanding of how they can better lead and positively impact their sports teams at the RIIL’s Leadership Training Workshop, offered free of charge by the RIIL to its member schools, Jan. 28, 2019 at the Ryan Center. Deb and Dana Hult of Core Trainings led the workshop, conducting icebreaker activities and group discussions and nudging the students out of their comfort zones because “no worthwhile aspirations in your life will be accomplished” there, said Dana.